Posted: November 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

Words are never enough and the human race was never one to take print or any form of communication at face value. Whenever you see an ad that says zero interest on a loan, you know that there’s a catch. When you listen to someone telling a story about a girl who took a leave of absent for three months, you know there’s something behind it. What’s good about us is that we see beyond what is presented to us. We have the ability to perceive any meanings or any implications. We listen to a person telling us, for example, of his deepest feelings for us. Take the “It’s not you, it’s me phrase”. So cliché. Who in her right mind would take this at face value? We can see what the person cannot say, which could be any of the following: “I’m too busy to hang out with you and I don’t want to be bothered”; “I’m a jerk, I WILL break your heart but since I want us to be friends, I’m going to stay the hell away from you”; or simply “I don’t like you”. Thus, when we say read between the lines, it is what is implied but not expressed on the surface. It is like how one interpret a message of a story, an essay, a letter that we have read or how do we interpret a behavior of a person. There will be meanings behind written sentences and suggestions behind spoken words that are part of our upbringing or education to see beyond what is already there.


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