Ways on Finding True Love

Posted: November 22, 2010 in Uncategorized


Does true love exist? This question has been debated for centuries. There are many people who are simply saying that true love exists, not because they believe it but from what they have experienced. When you’ve been hurt and burned in a relationship all the time, you start to loose your faith in believing if true love is possible. The reality is, everyday true love happens but might seem a bit different then what one anticipates. We have to understand that true love does not happen by accident. “Love at first sight” is not true love. True love is sacrificial, and requires commitment and devotion.  It does not happen the first time you see someone but it’s a long-term process. If you are serious about finding true love, follow the guidelines below.

  • First rule: Become friends. Take time to get to know the person for who they really are. Have normal, everyday activities that will give you both an accurate perception of the other. Go shopping, walking or watching movies together. As you spend time doing normal activities, you naturally begin to discover each other in new ways. True love is firmly rooted in the truth about the other person.
  • Second rule: When you start a new relationship, go slowly. It is unrealistic and against nature to start right away. Think about it. Did you meet a stranger for the first time and say, “You want to be best friends?” and go out with them every day? Of course not, it is against nature. You should take the time to gradually get to know people and develop respect and trust before they are considered to be your friends. True love grows over time, there is no quick and easy. Only time will give answers, questions in seeking true love.
  • Third rule: True love is being unselfish. To really love someone requires sacrifice. In all situations, prefer the other person rather than yourself to show them honor and respect, in return which translates back to you. True love is patient and waiting for their turn. Love is not about you, the important thing is not you. Love should be entirely on another person. When two people who are unselfish get together, there needs surely meet beyond their expectations.
  • Fourth rule: Use the help of a professional matchmaker. If you have tried online dating and were a big disappointment, a reason why. Most dating sites offer online quickly and easily generated by computer games based on a standard survey. Matchmakers offer professional high quality to find the right person. They understand what it takes to see true love a reality. They want to see you find someone who brings satisfaction in relationships and in your life.

These are ways in finding true love but it still depends on you and God. If you are destined to find true love then it will just come in the time when you least expect it. True love can exist in times like this and it is there. So for one to have true love, they must be patient and unselfish.  Love is a long process that will undergo by two people. It is not an overnight project but an everyday learning.



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