Cartoon Character Week

Posted: December 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

This week is a cartoon character week on Facebook. People post their all-time favorite cartoon or disney character for them to remember their childhood and to fight child abuse. So when I saw the post about this, the first character that pops out of my mind is  Ariel in “The Little Mermaid.” She is always my favorite disney character. I love the way the story goes and the characters in the movie were great. It talks about mermaids and a love created by two individuals with different worlds: a human and a mermaid. So how awesome is that, right?! Overall, the movie is one of the best disney movie of all time. Whenever I think of this movie, I want to watch it all over again and again and again.. I don’t feel tired of watching it because I really enjoy the movie. 🙂

Like Ariel, I want to see the world and fall in love with someone who will love me back. As we all know, Ariel had a hard time to make the prince love her because she can’t speak. But through her actions, she made all things possible (So the action speaks louder than words cliché does work…lol).  She was affectionate, adventurous and open to new things that make Eric fall in love with her. But before they can have a happily ever after ending, they face the obstacle that hinder their love for each other who is Ursula- the sea witch. They stay together and fought Ursula until she was defeated.

See, fairytale’s more likely the same in reality. There is a happy ending but its not given, instead it is a choice. One must be able to take risk like Ariel who gave her voice in exchange of becoming a human to be able to be with Prince Eric. If we won’t take risk then we wouldn’t be know what will be the outcome will be. We will just be thinking of the ifs and buts in life. I hope and I pray that I will meet my prince and take risk in the things that I want life. To be happy, we should do all the things that can make us happy.


Note to myself: Be brave and take risk. Accept the things that will happen even if its good and bad. Think positive and be happy no matter what the outcome will be. 🙂




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