Treadmill Mat

Posted: December 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

Treadmill Mats are an essential accessory for treadmills and it is something that is going to go right underneath the treadmill. It is designed to make exercise equipment more adapted to the home environment. Treadmills mats perform a variety of functions like prevent scratches, scuffs and holes in the floor, reduce the machine’s noise and share out the weight of the treadmill evenly.

The finest treadmill mat price is determined by its size, thickness and the material used to make it. The mat of the treadmill that is usually fits for the average treadmill measures 6.5 feet by 3 feet. If you will buy a more expensive treadmill model, you may need a longer mat.  An average treadmill mat is worth $35-$60. Treadmill mats are process from special materials such as cellular vinyl, thermoplastic, lightweight foam and PVC vinyl. When mats are made out of these materials, it saves time and it is less expensive. It is a guarantee that mats that are process from thermo plastic vinyl doesn’t compress easily.


3 Disadvantages of not having a Treadmill Mat

1. Damage the floor.

The floor will be damage due to vibration and the impact of our run on top of the treadmill. No matter what the floor, it can be a wood floor or tile, it is best to play it safe and just make a thick carpet and resilient to absorb vibration.


2. Damage the carpet.

If you use a carpet instead of a mat, it isn’t a surprise if the carpet will be damage or destroyed. Not all carpets are the same, and some of the carpets are not as resistant to pressure from above. If you leave a heavy machine like a treadmill to be on top of the carpet for a long time, it can leave permanent marks that will never come out, even if the carpet is cleaned by a professional. This is something that can affect the resale value of your home or apartment, or simply to cause unpleasant markings, so it is best invest in a treadmill mat than to experience this.


3. Treadmill be capable of accumulate fibers from the carpet

If you leave your treadmill on a carpet over time, some of these fibers can find their way into the machine and damage the interior engine over time. They can get wrapped around the engine and end up harming or interrupt the natural flow of the treadmill. Therefore, it is important that you let a barrier between your treadmill and your floor.


I would say that covers almost everything you need to know before you get a treadmill mat. If you are still looking for it, you can probably pick one up at your local store fitness or online shops. It is cheap and a wise investment for you and your home.



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