Acne Redness

Posted: December 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

Acne Redness also known as acne rosacea is characterized by redness of the skin. The skin pores become clogged and this causes the skin discoloration that result to uncomfortable situations. There are no products specifically designed to reduce the redness but the real problem is the acne itself. The result is flushiness. The primary byproduct of acne is clogged pores usually because of too oily skin. This excess oil can be caused by hormonal imbalance, excess of oily skin or poor hygiene. In some cases, food may be an important factor in the issue. Eating oily / fatty foods, fast foods, drinking soft drinks and other sugary products are all recognized to raise the difficulty of keeping acne under control. We have to eat healthy so that it can help our acne redness, as it will let our body reduce the creation of the oil.

To discover the causes of these eruptions, we really need to dig deeper. We need to understand the relationship between acne and the inner workings of our body.

The 3 main components that contribute to acne creation.

1. Irregularities of Hormones

Adolescents who experience puberty or menstruating women tend to have unstable hormonal balance and the food you consume plays a part.

2. Accumulation of toxic

Our world is dissimilar from years ago. The air is more polluted now and foods are mixed with some toxics that can worsen our acne.

3. Hereditary Tendency

This is mainly critical factor. Although, you can not turn off the genes prone to acne, but they can win and outsmart it by making healthy changes in diet.

Prevention is the best acne redness reducer. Even though most people are prone to acne, the best way we can keep away from or at least reduce its effect is to wash down your face at least three times a day with specific cleanser. We should always be conscious of our face and our hygiene.


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