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Compaq Presario R3000

Posted: December 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

Compaq Presario R3000 Line is a series of notebooks manufactured and designed by Hewlett-Packard Corporation. It has a wide-aspect screen, three USB ports and easily accessible buttons. R300 has a one-year limited warranty and it offers a variety of configuration options and accessories. The series used AMD or Intel, could have 512 MB of RAM or 256 MB and had an ATI Mobility Radeon 9000/9100 IGP on board. They could be delivered and configure with Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, XP or ME. Its direct price is $993 that is affordable.



Design and Features

The Compaq Presario R3000 has a weight of 8 pound and has a 15.4-inch screen WXGA display, DVD and CDR/W combo and powerful JBL Pro speakers make it an excellent choice for multimedia use. The system had no difficulty showing our trial DVD movie with clarity, and JBL Pro speakers carry excellent sound quality. It took first place in our 3D performance tests with the help of nVidia GeForce4 420 Go graphics solution.  The silver and black R300 is designed with smooth rounded corners that proved to be very durable in a few months of use. The top and bottom of the computer are black plastic with the center, including the keyboard and palm rest ended in a silver thin-feeling plastic. The base cover is solid rubber feet on all four corners and edges around, supposedly to help dispel heat. The Battery Mark of the R3000 has lasted two hours and 42 minutes, which is among the lowest budget system.

The bottom line is Compress Presario R300 is a fair-performing has desirably designed multimedia notebook, with a 15.4-inch wide-screen display at an affordable price of below $1000. This is ideal for the student or mobile professionals and laid-back gamers who don’t mind hanging around eight pounds and does not have to setup the settings the latest games. So if you are looking for a good buy but doesn’t sacrifice the multimedia features, the Compaq Presario R3000 laptop could be the one for you.



Natural Teeth Whitening

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Today, having white teeth create a good impression on someone and makes us feel comfortable everywhere we go. Teeth lose its color because of age, smoking and intake of coffee, tea, soda and antibiotics and other products the surrounds us. So we consult to our dentist to undergo bleaching or whitening procedures or buy whitening kits that is much more expensive that can help us to achieve white teeth. However, there are also natural home remedies that we can use that are cheaper. The following are natural products that can whiten your teeth with their pros and cons:



  • Strawberries 


This fruit helps whiten teeth that contain enzymes. Though other dark fruits like blueberries and cranberries are bad for your teeth, strawberries can be used as tooth whitening. The strawberries will be strudel and then you can brush it with your teeth. It also contains acid, and seeds can damage the gums or teeth if you brush too hard. If you choose to use strawberries to whiten your teeth, be sure to brush your teeth or rinse the mouth shortly after.


  • Lemon Juice


You can rub the lemon on them or brush your teeth with it. But how the lemon juice works is not good because the teeth will decay more rapidly without the proper amount of calcium. The lemon has citric acid and can weaken tooth enamel that will have a greater impact on the teeth. The tooth will suffer until it is damaged beyond repair. It is also not recommended by a dentist, because of its side effects.

  • Apples


An apple a day makes the doctor go away. This fruits is good and keep your teeth white that makes the mouth watery to clean stains easily. You should also try the apple cider vinegar, which is one of those famous teeth whitening remedies you can do at home.


  • Baking soda

Baking soda has sodium bicarbonate that is the same ingredients of most toothpaste. It is generally used as deodorizer and cleaning agent. It has a natural cleaning power. You just have to Dip the toothbrush in baking soda and brush your teeth. It may indeed be effective in removing stains, especially with the help of peroxide. Baking soda also helps kill bacteria that cause plaque and reduction of acids that can damage teeth enamel. Baking soda is secure to use and easy to attain. If you use a mixture of baking soda, brush gently around the gums so they do not irritate them.



Applying these products can give us white teeth. But to attain white teeth, we have to be careful to our intakes. We should reduce sugary intakes like chocolates and candies. We should also avoid coffee and tea because they contain compounds that may stain our teeth. And also most of all avoid smoking which the teeth yellowish and can stain it. It will not only stain your teeth but it can affect our health. So these are the things that we should be aware of wanting have white teeth and how to achieve it.


Acne Redness

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Acne Redness also known as acne rosacea is characterized by redness of the skin. The skin pores become clogged and this causes the skin discoloration that result to uncomfortable situations. There are no products specifically designed to reduce the redness but the real problem is the acne itself. The result is flushiness. The primary byproduct of acne is clogged pores usually because of too oily skin. This excess oil can be caused by hormonal imbalance, excess of oily skin or poor hygiene. In some cases, food may be an important factor in the issue. Eating oily / fatty foods, fast foods, drinking soft drinks and other sugary products are all recognized to raise the difficulty of keeping acne under control. We have to eat healthy so that it can help our acne redness, as it will let our body reduce the creation of the oil.

To discover the causes of these eruptions, we really need to dig deeper. We need to understand the relationship between acne and the inner workings of our body.

The 3 main components that contribute to acne creation.

1. Irregularities of Hormones

Adolescents who experience puberty or menstruating women tend to have unstable hormonal balance and the food you consume plays a part.

2. Accumulation of toxic

Our world is dissimilar from years ago. The air is more polluted now and foods are mixed with some toxics that can worsen our acne.

3. Hereditary Tendency

This is mainly critical factor. Although, you can not turn off the genes prone to acne, but they can win and outsmart it by making healthy changes in diet.

Prevention is the best acne redness reducer. Even though most people are prone to acne, the best way we can keep away from or at least reduce its effect is to wash down your face at least three times a day with specific cleanser. We should always be conscious of our face and our hygiene.

Weight Loss Tips for Women

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When we listen to people who want to lose weight, they always say this: “I’m on a diet!” The try different kinds of methods to lose weight but most of it didn’t workout. So what is really the effective way to lose weight? Starving ourselves is not a good way of losing weight. We need food for energy so that we can do our daily activities. The nutrients we get from food, as well as carbohydrates and fats are essential for maintaining the physiological function of the body. Nonetheless, if these foods are taken excessively then it will be bad for the body.

There are only simple ways to attain the body we desire. We only need this 3 simple weight loss tips: 1. Lessen you’re eating. 2. More Exercise. 3. Do again steps 1 & 2. It is that simple and the best way to lose weight. This article presents some tips for weight loss and the right way to lose weight fast for women of all ages.

Tips for Weight Loss

1. Make and set clear goals. Don’t just say that you will “lose weight” rather set clear and definite dates to achieve your goals. Make a bet or promise to someone for you to be more determined to lose weight.

2. Do it now. Not tomorrow or the next day but start now. Losing weight is not a moody or seasonal decision but it’s a serious decision. Think about your goal. Starting it now is the first step that you can do to achieve your goal.

3. Drink water. Before meals, drink one or two glasses of water so that it will make you feel fuller and you will not eat so much. In generally, drinking water is good for the health, it will keep you form being dehydrated throughout the day.

4. Do not Skip Meals. Eat small meals help to balance your calorie intake for the day and also keeps blood sugar in balance. Instead of eating three large meals, try eating 5 to 6 small meals throughout the day.

5. Exercise. So far, exercising on a regular basis is one of the easiest ways to lose weight fast. Most professionals recommend exercising 30-60 minutes a day to stay healthy. Try also adding the weights exercises at least 2 times a week. This helps to burn unwanted calories.

6. Healthy Eating. Buy fresh foods and avoid package (processed) foods. Packaged and convenience foods are high in sodium and fat. Fruits and vegetables are filled with vitamins, antioxidants and fibers. Eating these kinds of food will quickly fill our stomach and it also low in calories and keep low calorie count.

7. Eat less. Control your desires to eat everything you might want. Everybody has their own favorite pleasure. Simply have to allow a bit of treat, but watch out for the quantity and frequency.

8. Avoid junk food. Junk food is the main cause of obesity. Replace food harmful junk like cookies with healthier alternatives like carrot sticks and peanuts.


These are some of the tips of losing weight. It comes with disciplined and proper knowledge of what to eat and do. If we want to achieve our goal then we should be determined and focus to do it. It’s never too late to start because wanting to have a good health is important to us. So let’s start now and make the right choices for us not to regret later in life.


Treadmill Mat

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Treadmill Mats are an essential accessory for treadmills and it is something that is going to go right underneath the treadmill. It is designed to make exercise equipment more adapted to the home environment. Treadmills mats perform a variety of functions like prevent scratches, scuffs and holes in the floor, reduce the machine’s noise and share out the weight of the treadmill evenly.

The finest treadmill mat price is determined by its size, thickness and the material used to make it. The mat of the treadmill that is usually fits for the average treadmill measures 6.5 feet by 3 feet. If you will buy a more expensive treadmill model, you may need a longer mat.  An average treadmill mat is worth $35-$60. Treadmill mats are process from special materials such as cellular vinyl, thermoplastic, lightweight foam and PVC vinyl. When mats are made out of these materials, it saves time and it is less expensive. It is a guarantee that mats that are process from thermo plastic vinyl doesn’t compress easily.


3 Disadvantages of not having a Treadmill Mat

1. Damage the floor.

The floor will be damage due to vibration and the impact of our run on top of the treadmill. No matter what the floor, it can be a wood floor or tile, it is best to play it safe and just make a thick carpet and resilient to absorb vibration.


2. Damage the carpet.

If you use a carpet instead of a mat, it isn’t a surprise if the carpet will be damage or destroyed. Not all carpets are the same, and some of the carpets are not as resistant to pressure from above. If you leave a heavy machine like a treadmill to be on top of the carpet for a long time, it can leave permanent marks that will never come out, even if the carpet is cleaned by a professional. This is something that can affect the resale value of your home or apartment, or simply to cause unpleasant markings, so it is best invest in a treadmill mat than to experience this.


3. Treadmill be capable of accumulate fibers from the carpet

If you leave your treadmill on a carpet over time, some of these fibers can find their way into the machine and damage the interior engine over time. They can get wrapped around the engine and end up harming or interrupt the natural flow of the treadmill. Therefore, it is important that you let a barrier between your treadmill and your floor.


I would say that covers almost everything you need to know before you get a treadmill mat. If you are still looking for it, you can probably pick one up at your local store fitness or online shops. It is cheap and a wise investment for you and your home.


The Cost of Beauty: Rhinoplasty

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The most frequently asked questions when considering cosmetic surgery is “how much?” and then what will be the result after you’ve undergo the surgery. Like will there be complications, medications or other concerns that should be considerate of.  Well all I can say is that’s the price of beauty. There wouldn’t be any gain without pain so we have to deal with all of this questions that we are thinking about. One of the cosmetic procedures that people have undergone is Rhinoplasty.


Rhinoplasty known as a nose job is a cosmetic plastic surgery to enhance the shape or size of the person’s nose. It can be undergone by people who age 13 years old and above, men and women in anywhere around the world. Every year the statistics of the people who undergone the surgery went up.

Benefits of rhinoplasty can be huge! When we improve our physical appearance, we tend to feel more confident, whether in social interactions or career for men and women. Rhinoplasty can improve the overall appearance of a person and how they are perceived by others to give more confidence.


Cost of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty cost depends will vary on the type of rhinoplasty surgery performed and depend on the surgeon you choose, your location, and other factors. The average cost of the surgery is ranges from $4,000 to $12,000 nationwide. The cost involves 3 fees namely:  Surgeons fee, Anesthesia fee, and Facility Fee. Each one of these fees depends on the extent of the surgery. A lot of rhinoplasty surgeons offer financing plans and payments to make the procedure reasonable to everyone. Eventually, the cost of the rhinoplasty process will depend on your individual goals and needs.

Rhinoplasty is not only a process to perfect or correct a physical state, but is also designed to increase the confidence of patients and help patients to achieve a better quality of life. After the surgery, patients will soon return to their normal activities. Rhinoplasty is a procedure where appropriate medical treatment does not interfere with the quality of life of patients and should show results in a very short period of time.


Cartoon Character Week

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This week is a cartoon character week on Facebook. People post their all-time favorite cartoon or disney character for them to remember their childhood and to fight child abuse. So when I saw the post about this, the first character that pops out of my mind is  Ariel in “The Little Mermaid.” She is always my favorite disney character. I love the way the story goes and the characters in the movie were great. It talks about mermaids and a love created by two individuals with different worlds: a human and a mermaid. So how awesome is that, right?! Overall, the movie is one of the best disney movie of all time. Whenever I think of this movie, I want to watch it all over again and again and again.. I don’t feel tired of watching it because I really enjoy the movie. 🙂

Like Ariel, I want to see the world and fall in love with someone who will love me back. As we all know, Ariel had a hard time to make the prince love her because she can’t speak. But through her actions, she made all things possible (So the action speaks louder than words cliché does work…lol).  She was affectionate, adventurous and open to new things that make Eric fall in love with her. But before they can have a happily ever after ending, they face the obstacle that hinder their love for each other who is Ursula- the sea witch. They stay together and fought Ursula until she was defeated.

See, fairytale’s more likely the same in reality. There is a happy ending but its not given, instead it is a choice. One must be able to take risk like Ariel who gave her voice in exchange of becoming a human to be able to be with Prince Eric. If we won’t take risk then we wouldn’t be know what will be the outcome will be. We will just be thinking of the ifs and buts in life. I hope and I pray that I will meet my prince and take risk in the things that I want life. To be happy, we should do all the things that can make us happy.


Note to myself: Be brave and take risk. Accept the things that will happen even if its good and bad. Think positive and be happy no matter what the outcome will be. 🙂