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What is the thyroid?

The thyroid gland is to be found below the thyroid cartilage or Adam’s apple that is in front of the neck. It is one of the biggest endocrine glands in the body. It is controlled by the anterior pituitary and hypothalamus. The thyroid controls the fast use of energy in the body, controls the body to be aware of other hormones and makes proteins. The thyroid gland produces thyroid hormones that control body metabolism: triiodothyronine (T3 ) and thyroxine (T4). They are the cells that can absorb iodine and synthesized with tyrosine.


Thyroid problems

The infection of the thyroid gland can effect in two types: hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. Mostly women have all common problems with thyroid hormones than men.

Hyperthyroidism is too much or an overproduction of the thyroid hormones. It is generally caused by Graves’ disease. The disease can cause the growth of a toxic goiter and symptoms of this are bulging eyes (exopthalmos), weight loss, excessive sweating, palpitations, diarrhea, abnormal sensitivity to heat and muscle weakness.

Hypothyroidism is too little or underproduction of thyroid hormone. A fall of hormone production will lead to low level of energy. This disorder may cause autoimmune that is called Hashimoto’s thyroiditis wherein the body attacks thyroid tissues. This is also caused by iodine insufficiency or the removal of the thyroid gland as to treat the hyperthyroidism. People with underactive thyroid may require hormone replacement therapy which is necessary to the life of the patient. Treatment with thyroid hormone should be administered under the care of a doctor and the effect can take a couple of weeks.


Both can endanger pregnant women, infants and newborns

In hyperthyroidism, it occurs in about 1 in 2,000 pregnancies and 95% of Graves’ disease is newly diagnosed during pregnancy.  Untreated by this disorder can cause maternal and fetal complications plus tachycardia (abnormally rapid heartbeat) and poor weight gains.

On the other hand, when hypothyroidism undiagnosed by this disorder can increase the possibility of growth of retardation of the fetus or stillbirth. If the newborn and infant lack of thyroid hormones, they can develop dwarfism (stunted growth) and cretinism (mental retardation). It increased also the probability that the pregnant women may suffer from complications of pregnancy such as eclampsia, placental abruption and anemia. A baby of hypothyroidism is unusually quiet and inactive, have a poor appetite and sleep for long period of time.


Thyroid Gland Cancer

The thyroid gland cancer is rare and the occurrence is less than 10% of thyroid nodules and it may take several years to determine to be cancerous. Those who acknowledged radiation treatment from the neck to the head earlier in life will have a possible cure for acne be likely to have higher than normal susceptibility for thyroid cancer.


Consult a doctor if there are symptoms of hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. It is much safer to have a daily visit to a doctor to prevent the symptoms. If positive with this kind of disorder, we should follow the medications and instructions of the physician.



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Nintendo is a well known multinational company located at Kyoto, Japan. It was founded on September 23, 1883 by Fusajiro Yamauchi. They first started as a handmade hanafuda cards company. As time pass by, Nintendo became one of the most prominent in the industry of video games and one of the third most important listed company in Japan with a market value of over US$85 billion. Their product was innovated from playing cards to electronic video games. They aim to satisfy people who played video games and created it as a family computer that everyone would enjoy.

This year 2010, Nintendo is still in demand in the market with their innovative modified entertainment computer that is designed like a remote – the Nintendo Wii. Nintendo Wii is a home video game console that has motion sensor features that make the games alive for the young and old to enjoy. It is absolutely no doubt the best gaming system for the whole family. They released new games that were the best and were most enjoyed among the Wii fans. So here is the list of the Top 10 Nintendo Wii of 2010 that are best selling and most wished for.

Top 10 Nintendo Wii of 2010

1.  Just Dance 2

2.  Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board

3.  Donkey Kong Country Returns

4.  Mario Kart Wii with Wii Wheel

5.  Disney Epic Mickey

6.  New Super Mario Bros. Wii

7.  Zumba Fitness

8.  Super Mario Galaxy 2

9.  Madden NFL 11

10.Cabela’s Big Game Hunter 2010 with Gun Bundle

These games made the greatest hit in the market and to Wii fans. It is combined with action and adventure, sports, fitness and the all time favorite imp Super Mario Bros and Donkey Kong that is more improved by Nintendo. It is created for Kids and Adults for them to enjoy

Home Finance: How to deal with it?

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They say that having a house is the best investment that one could ever achieve. Before having it, we should be aware in financing a home. Like applying for a loan or mortgage, there are lots of things to take into consideration. The more we know about home financing, the wiser we will be in making a decision. So these are steps that one may know if he can afford to finance a home:

1. Evaluate your finances and gather financial documents you need to get a loan or mortgage

Determine how much loan or mortgage you can afford. Make sure that your income and expenses and current projects each month can manage it. Gather documents like pay stubs, statements from banks, income tax returns and records of debts such as credit card debts, mortgages and other cost.

2. Start to shop a loan

If you are prepared to shop for a loan then find a lender or broker to looked at your documents and approximate how much you can manage to borrow.

Lenders have the money to lend but limited number of loans. They are the ones who decided the final decision of your request. While brokers, they have many lenders to choose to avail loans for you. They are mediators and can be able to search out the loan that you need.

Take note that there are factors that can have an effect on the true cost of the loan. Like application fees, broker fees, prepayment penalties, appraisal and many others. So don’t immediately set off with the lowest interest rate.

3. Submit an application for a loan.

In applying for a loan, the procedure are easy provided that you’ve collect the necessary documents to show claims you make on the application. The application will inquire about your assets (bank accounts and investments, property, cars) and your liabilities (installment loans, auto loans, credit card debt, mortgages, household expenses and others) your job tenure, employment stability, and income.

The lender will check your credit reports at FICO scores and if it consider you creditworthy, then he will appoint a professional appraiser to make sure that the house you want to buy is worth it.

Ways on Finding True Love

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Does true love exist? This question has been debated for centuries. There are many people who are simply saying that true love exists, not because they believe it but from what they have experienced. When you’ve been hurt and burned in a relationship all the time, you start to loose your faith in believing if true love is possible. The reality is, everyday true love happens but might seem a bit different then what one anticipates. We have to understand that true love does not happen by accident. “Love at first sight” is not true love. True love is sacrificial, and requires commitment and devotion.  It does not happen the first time you see someone but it’s a long-term process. If you are serious about finding true love, follow the guidelines below.

  • First rule: Become friends. Take time to get to know the person for who they really are. Have normal, everyday activities that will give you both an accurate perception of the other. Go shopping, walking or watching movies together. As you spend time doing normal activities, you naturally begin to discover each other in new ways. True love is firmly rooted in the truth about the other person.
  • Second rule: When you start a new relationship, go slowly. It is unrealistic and against nature to start right away. Think about it. Did you meet a stranger for the first time and say, “You want to be best friends?” and go out with them every day? Of course not, it is against nature. You should take the time to gradually get to know people and develop respect and trust before they are considered to be your friends. True love grows over time, there is no quick and easy. Only time will give answers, questions in seeking true love.
  • Third rule: True love is being unselfish. To really love someone requires sacrifice. In all situations, prefer the other person rather than yourself to show them honor and respect, in return which translates back to you. True love is patient and waiting for their turn. Love is not about you, the important thing is not you. Love should be entirely on another person. When two people who are unselfish get together, there needs surely meet beyond their expectations.
  • Fourth rule: Use the help of a professional matchmaker. If you have tried online dating and were a big disappointment, a reason why. Most dating sites offer online quickly and easily generated by computer games based on a standard survey. Matchmakers offer professional high quality to find the right person. They understand what it takes to see true love a reality. They want to see you find someone who brings satisfaction in relationships and in your life.

These are ways in finding true love but it still depends on you and God. If you are destined to find true love then it will just come in the time when you least expect it. True love can exist in times like this and it is there. So for one to have true love, they must be patient and unselfish.  Love is a long process that will undergo by two people. It is not an overnight project but an everyday learning.



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Words are never enough and the human race was never one to take print or any form of communication at face value. Whenever you see an ad that says zero interest on a loan, you know that there’s a catch. When you listen to someone telling a story about a girl who took a leave of absent for three months, you know there’s something behind it. What’s good about us is that we see beyond what is presented to us. We have the ability to perceive any meanings or any implications. We listen to a person telling us, for example, of his deepest feelings for us. Take the “It’s not you, it’s me phrase”. So cliché. Who in her right mind would take this at face value? We can see what the person cannot say, which could be any of the following: “I’m too busy to hang out with you and I don’t want to be bothered”; “I’m a jerk, I WILL break your heart but since I want us to be friends, I’m going to stay the hell away from you”; or simply “I don’t like you”. Thus, when we say read between the lines, it is what is implied but not expressed on the surface. It is like how one interpret a message of a story, an essay, a letter that we have read or how do we interpret a behavior of a person. There will be meanings behind written sentences and suggestions behind spoken words that are part of our upbringing or education to see beyond what is already there.

Hello world!

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I wish that this is meant for me,

New things to do and to make.

A habit that can be develop and can’t be break

And a stepping stone for me to take.

I pray that everything will be okay and great

So that I will be happy all the way.